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With this beautiful Summer weather, this is an ideal time of year to entertain at home. To help you and your guests stay cool when it’s warm outside, serve up some refreshing Iced Coffee drinks, complemented by an assortment of sweet treats. The best way to do this is to create a DIY Iced Coffee […]Continue Reading
  Featuring vibrant colored flowers and lush greenery, this easy-to-follow DIY tutorial shows how to make a Spring Wreath, which you’ll be proud to display on your front door or to give to someone special. DIY Spring Wreath Supplies Silk Flowers Grapevine Wreath Scissors Wire Cutter Wire Twine DIY Spring Wreath Instructions 1. First you’ll […]
Whether you want to create a stunning piece of jewelry for a wedding, special occasion, or as a gift, this easy-to-follow DIY Guide shows how to design a DIY Vintage Pearl Necklace. A pearl necklace featuring a glamorous pendant is a timeless statement piece that will look stylish both today and for years to come. […]Continue Reading
Are you a DIY Beauty diva? Then you’ll love this at-home, all-natural skin care treatment! The Honey Lemon Mask is not only incredibly simple to whip up, it’s both effective and non-abrasive for your skin as well. If you’re like every other woman in the world (yearning for healthy, glowing skin that’s free from acne, discoloration, […]
  Most people love eating avocados (in salads, as guacamole, and on sandwiches), but did you know that you can use Amazing Avocados for DIY beauty treatments too?! Not only is this delicious fruit (yeah, you read that right – fruit) high in nutrients (when consumed), it’s emollient and vitamin-rich properties make it an equally fantastic at-home, […]
This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. One of the greatest joys of the holidays comes with giving. Over the years, I’ve fallen in love with the gift-giving experience, as it’s a fun way to share our love with others (while making them feel special). Not to mention, seeing the joyful look on someone’s face when […]Continue Reading
It’s amazing how quickly this year has been flying by! Now that we’re ushering in a beautiful new season, it’s a great time to start planning your Fall activities. From apple picking to creating DIY pumpkin centerpieces, here are 10 fun ways to celebrate Autumn. 10 Fun Ways To Celebrate Autumn Since quarantine life has […]Continue Reading