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Living in style is more than owning designer brands, buying coveted belongings, or exuding an air of elegance; it’s a mindset, an attitude, and most importantly – a lifestyle choice. Whether you enjoy pampering yourself with deluxe skincare products, getting inspired by one of the most glamorous fashion designers and style icons of this generation, […]
With Valentine’s Day weekend quickly approaching, if you and your significant other are feeling perplexed about where to go and what to do, then perhaps a vacation is just what you need. To ignite the passion and love in your relationship, featured in today’s travel guide are 35 romantic getaways for Valentine’s Day weekend. 35 Romantic Getaways for […]
To help you rest, relax, and rejuvenate, today’s travel guide features a number of top luxury wellness retreats around the world that offer health and wellness programs, ranging from detoxifying health food plans to activity-oriented programs (like yoga, surfing, and Pilates). Since these luxury wellness retreats can be found in beautiful resorts and hotels, it’ll make rejuvenating your mind, body, […]
Inspirations & Celebrations is an inspiring digital lifestyle guide for modern women. I&C published tutorials, articles, and how-to guides on a range of topics including fashion trends and style advice, health and beauty tips, home decorating and entertaining, travel guides, and special event coverage. I&C launched in October 2011, and has grown to become a daily source of […]