The mission of this upbeat, contemporary lifestyle blog is to “Inspire Style & Celebrate Life”. Because of the support and enthusiasm of Inspirations & Celebrations‘ Fabulous Followers, the site continues to grow and reach more people around the world everyday. Below are some of these Fabulous Followers (listed in random order), their commentary about Inspirations & Celebrations, and why they follow this site as their daily source of inspiration and information.
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JOWE POSADAS of JOWE POSADAS: “Wow! You are such an inspiration. I followed your blog and sites and it really isn’t a question why you’re so successful!”
ALICE of THE FASHION LIFE: “I LOVE it. The web design looks so professional and the content is brilliant. Definitely the sort of blog I look for!”
BRITTNEY OWENS of MAD MELLY: “I truly enjoyed your blog and couldn’t get enough! I now follow you on Bloglovin and now subscribe to your blog!”
HANAA of SIMPLIGLAMOUR: “I love your blog, definitely followed! Great posts!”
ADITI and NIKKI of THE FASHIONABLE DUOS: “I love what you are doing in your blog, I will definitely follow you.”
EUGENIA of DAISYFASHION: “I absolutely love your blog, really interesting and colorful! Just started following you via email!”
LAUREN of STYLE OF ONE’S OWN: “I love the posts and the design is great…so colorful.”
JALEESA HOWARD of THE FASHION GEEK: “I love your blog and I actually find it inspiring as a college student who really has a big dream to become a successful blogger.”
STEPH of COLOR ME LOUD: “I love your blog Christina-Lauren, it’s fun and refreshing! Has a unique tone to it. Nice job.”
ALARA BASUL of VANITY LONDON: “I love your blog – it’s great! Hopefully mine will be like yours too. Your layout is so simple and easy to navigate around, great for readers. And of course I’m following you!”
IVA PACIC of THINK PINK DIARY: “Just keep doing like you do, your blog is fantastic!”
REBEKAH of CHIC INTENTIONS: “I love your blog, I like your posts, especially the photos, the layout and style of writing.”
SARAH of XLICIOUS GIRL: “Your blog is probably one of the more original ones that I’ve seen… (your) blog actually pushes new ideas and i’ve noticed that. I guess you have put a different spin on things? Do you know what I mean? Anyways, keep up the great work.”
ZOE KAPPA of NEW LIFE IS THE NEW BLACK: “Your blog left me breathless! Wonderful posts, very inspiring and you have a great talent in writing.”
ILLYSIA NEUMANN-LORECK of MADLY CHIC: “I love Inspirations & Celebrations because it’s one of the few blogs that offers insightful tips and advice on a variety of subjects that I am interested in. I think of it as my “quality of life” blog!”
LOUISE SQUIRE of PAPER CUP’D: “I love your blog and admire how far you have got.”
ROMI of CUPCAKES, DRESSES, AIRPLANES: “Your blog is cool – just the colors make me feel happy!”
“Your blog is just stunning, and I followed on tumblr and twitter. I also subscribed on youtube. Your career and life seems so exciting and fun. I’m an aspiring buyer for Kate Spade in New York City. It’s my biggest dream and I’m working very hard for it to come true.”
NIA BALDWIN of NIA ALEXANDER: “Great blog – loving all the christmas fashion!”
ELIZA ALBUQUERQUE of THE RED LIL’ SHOES: “You have a really cute blog!”
AMANDA of THE AMANDA G – HIGHER CITIZEN MEDIA: “Your blog is great! I especially enjoyed the post on how to organize your home. I will definitely be following closely!”
SAMII of AESTHETIC INTRIGUE: “Have checked out some of your blog and am interested in keeping up with it. Totally following.”
MICAH, NEISHA, & TOSHA of OBJECTS OF OUR AFFECTIONS: “Your blog is very cool and we love your point of view.”
FRAQUOH & FRANCHOMME of ATTIRE CLUB: “I love your highly colorful blog! Keep up the good work.”
TAE CHIVON of THE CONGLAMERATE: “Very excited to see your site and content.”
ANNABEL LOUISE of ALONG CROSSED PATHS: “You have a gorgeous blog! I love you’re High End vs Affordable piece.”
ANAIS ALEXANDRE of THE JAM GARDEN: “You seem very accomplished! Your site looks great.”
AWAT of THE A LA MENTHE: “Wow great blog you have going on! keep up the good work.”
CASSY of LIVING A GIRL’S ADVENTURE TALE: “What a lovely blog you have and being a Glambassador sounds fabulous!”
SHARON WONG of A GIRLS POINT OF VIEW: “Beautiful blog and great articles. I love the health and beauty tips.”
ISA of PAWS AND BISOUS: “I looked at your blog and I love it! Especially since I as always a broke college student, I loved the high end vs affordable and the sales posts. Can’t wait to see new articles coming up.”
RAND of IM NOT A BARBIE: “Visited your blog and its amazing! I really like it, very helpful and many great idea’s on it.”
LAURA STEVEN of FASHION PART-TIMER: “Hi lovely! Your blog is fab.”
RAVEN MARIE of A GIRL NAMED RAVEN: “I like your blog, it seems to have a lot of helpful skincare tips.”
NAOMI of THE FASH PACK: “Your site looks great!”
A FASHION STATE OF MIND: “Absolutely love your blog! So inspirational!”
ANANDA SABA of SUPER FASHIONABLE: “Loved your blog! I definitely followed you in everything. Bloggers unite!”
KATIE of I SPY TRENDS: “I am very impressed with the content!”
MARIKO KUO of SILK AND SUITS: “I really like your blog and it’s amazing how successful it is!”
GEORGIA SACKS: “Fantastic blog!! – Just followed you…”
GIANNA of PAPER DOLLS: “Your blog is heaps great.”
MARYGEE of MY WORLD IN A CLOSET: “WOW…your blog is fantastic and very inspiring.”
PREFINA of FIFI’S FASHION DIARIES: “I really like your blog, so bright and intuitive!”
A PRINCESA MALVADA: “Your blog is very interesting.”
MICHELLE ASUNCION of MICHELLE STYLES: “I just saw your blog and I really loved it! Feels like I’m gonna learn a lot from it! I’ll definitely read more from it.” 
TRISHA JONES of SHOW YOU MINE BLOG: “Love your High end vs. Affordable.. exactly what I need on my budget! Have followed you on twitter and added you to my reader.”