When you’re a busy, on-the-go woman, enjoying a full, balanced lifestyle is key to having a productive, fulfilling, and happy life. As one of my favorite fitness apparel brands, lucy Activewear always helps me look confident and feel comfortable, while enabling me to get the job done. Why Choose Activewear? When most women think about wearing revealing lycra pants and tops, they […]Continue Reading
With Summer in full effect, we’ve all become more aware of our bodies – how we look in swimwear, in addition to how we feel (when the weather starts to heat up). While heading to the gym (for a high-intensity cardio and weight-training session) or working with a personal trainer are both great ways to get in shape, if […]Continue Reading
Zumba, the fun-filled, heart-pumping aerobic dance workout, has been sweeping the nation over the past couple years. Everyone from fitness buffs to exercise newbies have been hitting the dance floor and busting a move. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re probably wondering, “what’s gotten everyone in such a tizzy over this workout?”. To start with, […]Continue Reading
{Nautilus CoreBody Reformer $250} The CoreBody Reformer is a must-have for that on-the-go woman wanting to tone-up or simply maintain her rockin’ bod.  This revolutionary home-fitness machine, which can be folded up into the size of a yoga mat and lightweight enough to sling over your shoulder, is a breakthrough fitness system that engages multiple muscle […]Continue Reading