Fabulous Winter Jewelry Trends Treat yourself after the Holidays to This Winter’s Most Popular Jewelry At the start of the year, the jewelry industry is still riding out the high demand for bold, chunky and attention-getting pieces to make a statement. The more fashion rings, big necklaces and arm candy parties, the better; one day […]Continue Reading
Rakani watches were designed with the fashion-forward man and woman in mind. The idea for the watch line was first sparked back in 2012, when Rakani founder and designer Chirayu Patel gifted his girlfriend with a watch. In response to the present, she jokingly asked if the watch was intended to keep her from being late. […]Continue Reading
Shopping for jewelry is always a fun experience – trying on different styles, playing with various textures and colors, and adding new pieces to your collection. The key to protecting and preserving your jewelry collection (in addition to keeping your home neatly organized) is to properly store your jewelry. Whether you have an abundance of […]Continue Reading
Fall 2013 Jewelry Trends   Fashion forecasters are predicting that bold accessories, such as over-sized chokers, flamboyant earrings, and broad wrist cuffs will dominate the fashion scene in 2013. Besides large pieces, expect to see jewelry items so outrageous that they will easily be the centerpiece of any outfit. In addition to elaborate pieces unusual […]Continue Reading
Gold chain necklaces have made a resurgence this season. But this time, these gold chain necklaces don’t resemble the layered look that Mr. T used to rock back in the 80’s. Instead, the jewelry trend is about wearing one linked necklace that boldly accents your neck (comparable to a choker-length necklace). From high-polished, flat gold […]Continue Reading
Whether you want to create a stunning piece of jewelry for a wedding, special occasion, or as a gift, this easy-to-follow DIY Guide shows how to design a DIY Vintage Pearl Necklace. A pearl necklace featuring a glamorous pendant is a timeless statement piece that will look stylish both today and for years to come. […]Continue Reading
Ever wish you could find unique costume jewelry from independent designers at a fraction of the cost? Now you can! A new community-based website called Shopbevel works with independent designers to bring to market the best in jewelry design. Designers submit designs, the community votes and Shopbevel manufactures and markets selected winners. The folks at Shopbevel […]Continue Reading
Customizable jewelry is the best way to personalize an outfit or a create a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special. When you have the opportunity to become the designer, you feel especially connected to the piece you create. Not only does customizable jewelry enable you to take a proactive approach in creating a look that epitomizes […]Continue Reading
As a Glambassador for Glamour Magazine, I participate in special projects, including beauty product testing, exclusive event promotions, and even style challenges. ESQ Movado initiated a special collaboration with Glamour, called The ESQ Movado Style Challenge. Glamour and ESQ Movado were generous enough to provide me with a brand new ESQ Movado ESQ One Watch in an eye-catching turquoise color. Over the past week, I have […]Continue Reading
As a Glambassador for Glamour Magazine, a key part of my role entails participating in special projects, ranging from beauty product testing to exclusive event promotions, and even style challenges. ESQ Movado created a special collaboration with Glamour, aptly titled – The ESQ Movado Style Challenge. I was provided with a brand new ESQ Movado ESQ One Watch in an eye-catching turquoise color, and […]Continue Reading
As a Glambassador for Glamour Magazine, from time to time I’m asked to participate in special projects, ranging from beauty product testing to exclusive event promotions, and even style challenges. ESQ Movado commenced a special collaboration with Glamour, appropriately titled – The ESQ Movado Style Challenge. Glamour and ESQ Movado were generous enough to provide me with a […]Continue Reading